Director / Writer

Christos Sitaridis

Set Design / Costumes

Evi Bokovou



Giannis Sotiropoulos 

(Real Eyes Productions)




A short film by Christos Sitaridis




Summer of 1994. UK Midlands. Joe - 16 years old - is a concerned teenager, who lives and works with his bossy mother Maggie at their gas station/off licence, trying to escape his miserable home and work life. When Danny and Rich, two young best friends and trouble makers, visit the gas station/off licence to buy chewing gums, he finds an opportunity to escape. Although he is being verbally bullied by them, he decides to go at the rave club "Seawolf" where they hang out and becomes an observer of their friendship. Joe constantly bonds with Danny, and Rich now insanely jealous and obsessive with his best friend, becomes violent with Joe. Will Joe finally escape his own limitations and find his sexual identity between them?