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Real Eyes Productions provides a long range of production services. We can advise you on your cinema, television or internet productions finding the most time and cost effective ways to realize your project. We can fully cover any production need such as:



  • Planning / Budgeting

  • Location Managenent / Scouting 

  • Shooting Permits

  • Casting 

  • Hiring Crew / Equipment Rentals

  • Accommodation, Bookings

  • Transportation

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Cash Rebate 40%

LAW 4704/2020 – Amendment to the Law 4487/2017 for facilitation and simplification of the cash rebate procedures

Joint Ministerial Decision 149/2020 on the implementation of Law 4704/2020

The rebate can be combined with other aid schemes provided that total state financing (including the state aid by EKOME) shall not exceed:

–  50% for domestic productions or co-productions

 – 60%, in case of cross-border productions with EU members

 – 80%, in case of “difficult” audiovisual works as defined in Law No. 4487/2014

* EU funds (EURIMAGES or MEDIA) are not included in the above maximum rules


Minimum amount of eligible expenses

€100,000 for feature films

€60,000 for documentaries

€60,000 for short films

€30,000 for digital games

€15,000 – €25,000 per episode for TV series


Application no later than 10 days before the beginning of production and/or post-production of the work in Greece.

The amount is payable no later than six months after the completion of production works provided that all prerequisites of laws No. 4487/2017, No. 4563/2018 and No. 4704/2020 have been met.

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