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A short film by Dimitris Zachos



2012 / Greece / 14' / DCP / Color
2:35 / Language: Greek (English / French Subtitles)

A father close to retirement with his two sons, try to adjust and manage their daily lives, within a dire economic situation. Everyone reacts in their own way . They collide with each other and each one with himself trying to keep the consistency of their family and be able to cope.

Based on the awarded short story by Christos Economou "Penguins outside the accountants office".




Yannis Karamfilis

Thanasis Nakos

Kimonas Kouris





Director / Writer: Dimitris Zachos

Director of Photography: Konstantinos Koukoulios

Art Director / Costume Designer: Danai Elefsinioti

Editor: Smaro Papaevangelou

Music: Babis Papadopoulos

Sound Design & Mix: Thanasis Kafetzis

Producer: Giannis Sotiropoulos













  • Naoussa International Short Film Festival 2013

       Special Mention for Southeastern Europe Talents


  • Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival 2012 

       “Cinematic Achievement Award”


  • International Film Festival of Patras 2012

       Distinction for "Social injustice and dignity during the crisis"


  • Hellas Film Box Berlin 2015

  • Microμ Festival 2013

  • Brussels Short Film Festival 2013 - "Next Generation"

  • Regensburg Short Film Week 2013 - Special Program “Greece"

  • Leiden International Short Film Festival (LisFE) 2013

  • International Student Film Festival in Belgrade 2013

  • International Short Film Festival of Tabor, Croatia 2013

  • Short film festival Cinefiesta in Puerto Rico 2013

  • Athens International Film Festival 2012

  • International Short Film Festival of Drama 2012

  • London Greek Film Festival 2012













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